Epic Lego Creations (Top 10)

After the succes of Epic Lego Creations I made a part 2 with a top 10 of most epic and awesome Lego Creations! Some guys have a lot of free time, enjoy watching

1. Lego Luigi
My first post futured Mario and now I found a LEGO Luigi!

2. Lego iPhone
This Lego iPhone is even the actual size of the real iPhone!

3. Lego Destkop PC
Incredible remake of an old desktop Windows PC. Unfortunately the mouse is a bit ugly.

4. Lego Soccer Stadium
Incredible big Lego artwork with very much details in it.

5. Downtown Detroit in Lego
Incredible lego remake of Detroit city's skyline.

6. '82 LegoCaster Guitar in Lego
A replica of an awesome guitar made from Lego.

7. V8 Engine in Lego
Most incredible for this Lego artwork is that this engine is fully working! It displays the working of a V8 engine.

8. MC Escher in Lego
MC Escher his most famous work made from Lego. Mindblowing!

9. Master Chief from HALO in Lego
The well known game figure Master Chief from the HALO series made out of Lego.

10. Mount Rushmore in Lego
The world famous monument made out of Lego

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