10 amazing creative printed advertisements (Graphic Design)

Company's always look for creative and funny ways to get more costumers. Therefore they hire the best advertisement people around the world to think out new ways to promote their product or service. Many of these ads will give you a lot of inspiration for future projects or are just funny to see. Below I made a selection of 10 beautiful advertisement posters.

In this digital age printed messages are still a good way to get the message across. Businesses invest a lot of money in these advertisement campaigns. There is almost no limit and creative agencies still innovate in this kind of ads.

Brucciani: Wifi Coffee - UK Advertising agency big communications
Dumb ways to die - Known from it's viral YouTube video.

Creepy Duracell ad
M&M's Keyboard
Play-Doh included ad
Powers Whiskey - Colab between Andy Glass and Taylor James
Shuse Architecture Museum Russia
Volkswagen Amarok ad - Turn on your adventure

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nader slaem
on December 23, 2017 at 6:59 AM  

nice design
University of Jordan

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