Doodles Come To Life With 3Doodler

A 3D printer for $75 sounds surreal but with 3Doodler it became reality. The pen uses ABS plastic, the same material found in many 3D printers. You can start free-form drawing in the air or draw on surfaces to create flat objects for stacking and connecting. The Kickstarter project already reached more than $450,000 and is still online for 32 more days!

3Doodler is the brainchild of Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue, co-founders of WobbleWorks LLC. The 3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen.

The advent of 3D printing introduced the convenience of quickly making designs a reality, and one company is bringing this creative ease to your fingertips. 3Doodler, dubbed the "world's first 3D printing pen," lets you draw three-dimensional structures in midair. Toy and robotics company WobbleWorks created the pen to make 3D printing affordable and accessible. While most 3D printers can cost you thousands of dollars, 3Doodler is available for preorder on Kickstarter for $75.

How it works 

Everyone knows how to use a pen, so we designed a 3D printing pen! If you can scribble, trace or wave a finger in the air you can use a 3Doodler. As you draw, plastic comes out of the pen, is cooled by an integrated fan, and solidifies right in front of you. You can draw on any surface and lift it up into the air to create your own 3D objects. 3Doodler is nearing production now. We’ll be posting how to videos and explanations ahead of delivery so that you can 3Doodle like a pro. Source

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