How To Become a Fashion Designer

You love fashion and you want to design your own clothes? This will help you find out how to start designing your own clothes.

There are only 8 simple steps to start with! Sit back, get a piece of paper and get started! Source

1. Get inspired. Look for fabrics, objects or people who inspire you to create a new piece of clothing. Search online or in magazines for current or retro trends that you might want to incorporate into your designs. Try visiting craft and fabric stores to find swatches or notions that could form the basis for a whole piece.

2. Begin to draw. You can draw on paper, or with a computer software. Either way, start with a basic human form. It doesn't have to be anatomically correct, as long as it provides a stable basis for you to design clothing. Outline the basic shape of the garment you wish to design, starting with big ideas and adding details as you refine the drawing.
3. Add color. A lot of the success of your design can depend on what colors you use. Think about the garment's intended purpose and how you imagine someone wearing it. Then choose your colors accordingly. Try to blend unexpected color combinations to add an element of surprise to your design.
4. Use accessories. Frame your design by drawing in accessories such as belts, scarves, jewelry, hats or shoes. Choose items that are compatible with the overall theme of the garment. You can also add a hairstyle or facial expression to the drawing.

5. Select a fabric. Consider texture and flow of fabric in relation to your pattern. Obtain extra fabric as may arise with assembly, as well as embellishments such as buttons, lace, beads or embroidery floss.

6. Assemble your design. Once you know how to sew and create a pattern, build your design. You might want to use a dressmaking dummy to form a basic fit.

7. Make a portfolio. Keep designs in a folder or notebook for future inspiration. Consider carrying a sketchbook with you, so that you can take down ideas whenever they strike.

8. Promote your designs. When you're confident that your designs are good and your garments are wearable, consider submitting your work to sites like Fabricly. This can help you gain exposure and build your career.

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