This is the new Google Logo (and all the old ones)

Every company needs to refresh his logo ones in a while. So Google refreshed his recently. It's certainly not the first time the search giant changed his logo. At first site nothing look changed but if you watch closer you see a lot of changes, especially if you compare it with the old logo's.

The logo accidentally leaked a few weeks ago and so began the rumors if this logo was really the new google logo. But now it's clear it is.
The trend in logo's now-a-days is flat design and so is this design. To be honest with you, this is just the old logo but flat. Not a lot has changed.

Below the new logo and all the old ones. Compare and tell us what you think!

Google New 2013 Flat Design Logo
Google old 2010-2012 Logo
Google old 1999-2010 Logo
Google old 1998-1999 Logo
Google Original Logo
This is what Google itself says about it's new logo design on their blog:
"As part of this design, we've also refined the color palette and letter shapes of the Google logo. We'll be rolling out this update across most Google products over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out and let us know your thoughts."

10 amazing creative printed advertisements (Graphic Design)

Company's always look for creative and funny ways to get more costumers. Therefore they hire the best advertisement people around the world to think out new ways to promote their product or service. Many of these ads will give you a lot of inspiration for future projects or are just funny to see. Below I made a selection of 10 beautiful advertisement posters.

In this digital age printed messages are still a good way to get the message across. Businesses invest a lot of money in these advertisement campaigns. There is almost no limit and creative agencies still innovate in this kind of ads.

Brucciani: Wifi Coffee - UK Advertising agency big communications
Dumb ways to die - Known from it's viral YouTube video.

Creepy Duracell ad
M&M's Keyboard
Play-Doh included ad
Powers Whiskey - Colab between Andy Glass and Taylor James
Shuse Architecture Museum Russia
Volkswagen Amarok ad - Turn on your adventure

Cubify’s downloadable 3D printed shoes by Janne Kyttanen

3D printing is hot! In fashion design people are searching for new ways to use this technique. Below an example of 3D printed shoes.

Twitter: New Developers Update Bans Auto-and Bulk Following

Twitter anounced some changes that should noticeably impact ordinary users. Making it hard for third-party apps to force users to automatically follow the apps' official Twitter accounts, and is also officially prohibiting developers from creating programs that follow other accounts in bulk.

Other small changes: Timestamps on third-party apps and clients can now choose to display either the date or the time. And the Twitter logo is no longer required on individual tweets in third-party clients. The changes are in-and-of themselves minor, but together make up a lot of new material for developers to tackle. Source

RIP Google Reader, what are the alternatives?

You probably haven't missed this news but Google Reader is no more. Google pulled the plug. So what now? The readers below are a good alternative and maybe even better reader apps than Google Reader.

1. Flipboard

Our number one reader app! Flipboard is the most beautiful and user-friendly reader app there is. Just don't search for someting else. This is THE app to use!

2. Pulse

If your searching for a good alternative for flipboard pulse is your best call. A good looking and working reader app. It's definitely worth the try!

3. Feedly

Also a good Google Reader alternative. This app got a huge boost after Google Reader closed down. Especially because it has a feature to move all your Google Reader Feeds.

Twitter Short Video App Vine Finally Coming To Android

It took a while but finally Vine is coming to available for android devices. This was announced by it's founders.

The IOS version also got an update as stated on Mashable:

Vine has also submitted at app update to the Apple App Store for a feature that lets you tag friends in videos, the report said.
The news comes just a few weeks after the company introduced the ability to embed Vine videos (at full 600 x 600 resolution) on any website.
The platform has gained popularity over recent months. It's been used by musicians and brands to promote products, news stations to get out news, job applicants and even by the White House. Of course, Vines are also acceptable for sharing with friends how you make dinner and what you're doing in your free time.

Amazing UI Design Inspiration 2013 - #2

Need some inspiration for your next project? You can find it here. Some of the best user interface designs. We showcase some of the most beautiful designs found around the web. Take your time and don't forget to share this with your friends!

More design inspiration

Holga - The Rotating Vintage iPhone Camera Filter

Holga allows photographic experimentation with nine built-in special effects filters. The iPhone case adds some vintage flair to your smartphone.

The case is available in black, white, blue, red or silver, and comes with a rotating wheel that resembles a rotary dial. Nine of the filters offer special effects, while the tenth, dubbed "empty hole," is a plain one that produces a simple hole effect. Filters are selected by rotating the wheel. It's compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S.

The Chinese company is known for its low-cost film cameras, that snap quirky distorted images. The unusual effect is appreciated by a number of professional photographers.

The Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit is available online for only US$24.99.

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