3+ collection by Oskar Zieta

'3+ collection' by oskar zieta pictures by jedrzej stelmaszek/paulina sikorska/zieta prozessdesign, Source

Studio oskar zieta works to develop production methods which utilize new engineering techniques and innovative technology to realize a range of furniture and architectural forms; but which can also generate endless possibilities for development and usage. most notably, the polish designer is behind the invention of FiDU technology which is a process which allows for the inflation of metal sheets into 3D forms. the impetus behind his latest innovation was the USM haller modular system, whose mane element is a chrome-plated brass ball joint, connected by steel tubes to form a greater framework of coated metal panels, allowing a number of customized configurations. 

His resulting 3+ technology offers a flexible production process-- it does not employ prefabricated sandwich plates, but rather the studio's own manufactured shapes which are based on a composition of two thin customized metal sheets--available in three different sizes. a computer is used to control the development of the objects, each one CNC machined into a one-of-a-kind piece which can be adjusted according to individual needs.

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