Any.Do Moment - The best task app there is already is a well known name on Android and IOS devices, but now they redesigned the app. This task app now is, in my opinion, the best task app you can get and it's totally free!

The best thing about is the beautiful minimalistic design. It's just stunning and it also works really well. Any.Do has just added a new feature that makes handling your to-do lists more manageable and actionable. The app lets you triage your daily to-do list and turn it into a sort of daily planner that lets you easily re-prioritize your tasks.

Any.Do Moment is activated every day at a specific time you set (it alerts you with a standard iOS or Android notification), and it simply presents you with your list of to-dos for the day, one by one. This single-task focus lets you focus on the day ahead and make decisive decisions about whether or not you can actually check off that task today or whether you can push it off to another day.

In essence, Any.DO is trying to re-think mobile to-do list apps. Rather than just let tasks pile up indefinitely, both provide users with a way to sort and manage items within the app in an effort to boost productivity.

I have now used the app a short while and this is the best thing I ever used. Now you really schedule your tasks. forces you to do so in a friendly way.

Download for Android or Download for IOS

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