The 5 best weather apps for your iPhone

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One of the things you can use your iPhone for is checking the weather. The question is, what is a great weather app? Below is a selection of the 5 best weather apps available in the app store.

1. Sky - Minimal Weather

This super minimal and clean weather app features a lovely smooth background which changes colour depending on the temperature. So if it’s cold it’ll be blue, if it’s super hot it’ll be red. You’re simply given the current temperature and the forecast for the next four days.

Price: Free

2. Weather HD 2

Weather HD 2 is a huge overhaul to the already popular Weather HD app, and the latest version features brand-new weather animations, 3D world weather maps and the new QuickView, so you can see the weather in multiple locations at once. There are also push notifications for severe weather alerts in the US and Europe and plenty of social integration.

Price: $1.99

3. WeatherLive

WeatherLive features the standard weather information, such as “feels like” temperature, wind direction and speed, humidity, and so on, as well as display the information either in full or in a custom format (e.g. short or long-term forecast, text only and so on).

Price: $0.99

4. Solar Weather

Solar will simply detect where you are and display the forecast for your region. It’s not ideal for detailed weather forecasts, but for the simple-minded of us who just want to know whether we have to wear a coat or take an umbrella when we step outside, it’s absolutely ideal.

Price: $1.99

5. ClearWeather

ClearWeather is a free weather app which simply gives you the current weather and basic info for the next 3 days too. You can add multiple locations and you can make it notify you of the weather for the day. Other than that there is nothing else in the app. It’s designed to be simple, if you’re looking for detailed info you need to look elsewhere.

Price: $0.99

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